BuzzFeed Exposes UHS Psych Malpractive with investigative journalism

UHS, the largest hospital management company in the US, had their stock drop 12% after the release of an investigative journalistic piece by Buzzfeed. Involuntary commitment is commonplace when insurance money is involved. Get the truth.

Why did the Fort Hood Shooter Open Fire?

Fort Hood Shooter, Ivan Lopez, had never been in military combat. He had not had homicidal or suicidal tendencies or indications. The number 1 reason why he opened fire was because he was on mind-altering drugs. Ivan

Fort Hood Shooter, Ivan Lopez, used a .45 Caliber Handgun

The weapon that Ivan Lopez used to kill 3 and wound others at Fort Hood was a .45 caliber handgun. The strange thing is though that handguns have been used for a very long time and were

Military Suicides, Just a Mistake?

“Drugs and Weapons do not mix. It is a recipe for disaster” —William Tower Sgt. First Class, US Army Veteran Sadly, the military in the US is highly medicated today. Dozens of different drugs are administered to

The shocking truth about Psychiatry

Psychiatry is one of the most brutal, damaging, and horrible entities to come into our culture. The way they get away with it is by secretive methods and covert treatments behind locked doors. A survey of Americans