Military Suicides, Just a Mistake?

“Drugs and Weapons do not mix. It is a recipe for disaster” —William Tower Sgt. First Class, US Army Veteran

Sadly, the military in the US is highly medicated today. Dozens of different drugs are administered to our honorable soldiers who are risking their lives to protect us. These same drugs are more likely to kill them than an enemy on the battle field. [349 military suicides in 2012 vs. 311 combat deaths in 2012. Source: The Hidden Enemy, the documentary below.]

This documentary includes an anecdote by Michael, a man who brought a gun into his mouth while on antidepressants. He would have shot himself but at that moment his wife walked in. That incident was the last straw and he worked himself off of the psychiatric drugs and back to normal thinking condition.

Jim Marrs reveals in this documentary that military suicides have already been linked to military suicides. In fact a US Army instillation, Fort Campbell Kentucky, was temporarily closed down by the base commander in 2009 because they were having an enormous number of suicides.

The direct parallel to military suicides is the amount of medication being prescribed. This is a fact and not an opinion. It has been recorded and has even been admitted by US Army Clinical Psychologists.

So please, urge any family you may have that are in the military to steer clear from psychiatric medication. You can always find alternatives at and urge that you fully inform any military that you know about this video as part of their right to be informed.

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