The shocking truth about Psychiatry

Psychiatry is one of the most brutal, damaging, and horrible entities to come into our culture.

The way they get away with it is by secretive methods and covert treatments behind locked doors. A survey of Americans revealed that a majority of the American population believe the Electric Shock Therapy (ECT) has been abolished and is not longer practiced.

That is far from the truth. ECT is being pushed now even more than in the past because the public uproar on the subject has died down.  In fact, magazines, newspapers, and paid members of the National Institute of Mental Health are pushing ECT on Americans.

Dr. Rudorfer  associate director of treatment research in a division of the National Institute of Mental Health said of the deadly electric shock: “The field has had ample opportunity to get rid of E.C.T. and it’s still with us because it seems to occupy a small but important niche in treatment.”

Basically he is saying they never plan to get rid of ECT (probably because of the insurance money) They get an estimated $1,000 for Electrocuting a patient for a few minutes of work. Not a bad hourly wage.

According to the New York Times, about 100,000 Americans undergo Electric Shock each year.

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